Leadership Team - USA


Project Child
Tanzania Country Leader
Terry Mechling
Educational Development
Bobby Scott
Child Sponsorship Leader
Tim Neet
Post Secondary Scholarship
Jerry Thames

      Leadership Team - Tanzania


Chairman PUNCHWIMI Foundation
Pastor Wariaeli
Headmaster Karansi Christian School
Godfrey Seuya

Technical & Operations Support Team

Miriam Johnson – Teacher development

Wendy Williams – Pre-School

Vicki Neet – Pre-School

Eileen Konigsberg – Team Support

Stephanie Logue - Team Support

Carter Rhea – Family Trips / Child Visitation

Theresa Stanley – Medical Needs

Kathy Stewart - Widow Ministry

Mark Goodman – Fundraising, Back Office and Web Development

Betty Majele - Social Work (Tanzania)

Jackline Godson - Finance (Tanzania)


Project Child Tanzania (USA) is run 100% by volunteers committed to a new future for the children and families of Karansi, Tanzania and the Kilimanjaro Region. We are committed to the development of indigenous leadership and seek to build their strength and capacity, as we also learn from them. 


100% of all sponsorship fees are sent directly to Tanzania for the benefit of the children and the development & operation of the school by the PUNCHWIMI (Poor Uneducated Children and Widows Ministry) Foundation.