Monthly Update Journals

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#82 Feb 2020

Project Child Celebration Luncheon signup, Mail Call. Photos of pre-schoolers. Sign up info for upcoming short term mission trip.

#81 Dec 2019

Christmas gift info. Graduation Day report. What's next. New pre-schoolers! Secondary School fund information. Mail call.

Project Child Transforms Lives at Home and Abroad

Brittany tells her amazing missions journey starting with Project Child.

#80 Oct 2019

Heart stir. Face to face (video calls) by Kat Christensen. Christmas gifts. How do i send my gifts? Mail call. Graduation gift.

#79 Aug 2019

My experience in Tanzania - And The Lord Said To Me. Info about mailing to your child. Last call for the November trip to Tanzania. Call for prayer and mail.

#78 May 2019

Selfie or Selfless? Look at all this maize - can you help us with the Drought Relief Project or our startup costs and over- heads? No more plastic bags allowed in Tanzania. Want to help? Mail call.

#77 Mar 2019

Our Graduating Class this year scored the highest in the Siha District, in the top 5% of the Kilimanjaro Region and in the top 8% of the nation of Tanzania.

#76 Dec 2018

TZ with my daughter. Iron Tribe Johns Creek Sock Promotion. End of year giving opportunities.

#75 Oct 2018

End of year giving opportunities, introducing Sita Data Solutions, Change is coming - Ubora, Video conference your student.

#74 Sep 2018

Experience Life Change by Courtney Hester, Christmas Gifts, Mail Call.

#73 Aug 2018

Knowledge is to Facts as Wisdom is to Critical Thinking. Too good to miss.  A change in plans. Mail call. Video calls. Christmas gifts.

#72 Jul 2018

Not what we expected by Katie Gettmann.

#71 May 2018

Pathway to a 501(c)3 and UboraTZ. What is the right name? Project Child, PUNCHMWI, or Siha Leadership Academy (SLA)? Mail call.

#70 Feb 2018

Go and make disciples. A sponsor's testimony. Tips for communicating with your child. Mail call.

#69 Dec 2017

Christmas message.  New clothes.  Mail call.  Record sponsorships.

#68 Nov 2017

Transformation in so many ways including with reading and a new library.  Christmas gifts.  Video calls.

#67 Oct 2017

From Vision to Life.  Christmas gifts. Faster mail.  We could use your help. Worship with us.  Only 27 children left to sponsor.

#66 Aug 2017

Writing my child.  Gift ideas.  Mail call.

#65 May 2017

Drought update. Thanksgiving / graduation trip.  Help wanted.

#64 Mar 2017

Summary of recent visit by Pastor Wariaeli and Headmaster Godfrey to Perimeter Church. All about FaceTime with the kids. Tanzania spotlight and detailed update.

#63 Jan 2017

The PUNCHMI Leadership Team is coming to Perimeter Church Feb 23-26. Pastor Wariaeli Maphie will spend a week and will be bringing Headmaster Godfrey Seuya and new Project Facilitator Baraka Mbise. 

#62 Dec 2016

Bed sheet fundraiser. Building a legacy. Project TZ update. Mail call.

#61 Oct 2016

Help wanted, Christmas gifts, and video conferencing the kids.

#60 Sep 2016

Planting Seeds, by Tim Neet. In memory of Maphie. 7th grade exams. More sponsors needed. 


News came last week that Pastor Wariaeli’s dear wife Faraha (Happiness) had died. Our hearts hurt with the thought of the grief that our beloved partner and pastor is experiencing.

#59 Jul 2016

Why do we do it? Why should we care so much for a small village half way around the world? June 2016 trip update - what's the latest and what did we learn? Meet the staff. Mail Call.

#58 Apr 2016

A recap of the most recent trip.

Some highlights and update regarding video conferencing with the kids.

Mail Call - package and letters to take over before the next trip in May.

Help Wanted.

#57 Feb 2016

A recap of the Jan 17 luncheon and some snapshots of where the ministry is headed. Highlights of the trips to Tanzania this year. Current mail and package due dates, plus a change in what we can carry. 

#53 May 2015

Writing you child & gift ideas.

All About Transformation

This is the must see video that provides the background and history of Project Child Tanzania and the impact it has had on the kids and the community.

Project Child Tanazania
Letterhead (MS Word)

Attention Sponsors

Prepare your letter using this letterhead and save it with your child’s KAC number as the file name.  Attach it to an email and send it to


Download the Project Child Tanzania letterhead HERE.

Communication & Gift Checklist (MS Word)

Attention Sponsors

Use this list to help build a relationship with your child.

More information in Journal #66 HERE or download the Communication and Gift Checklist HERE