Project Child

About us

Project Child Tanzania brings rescue, hope and educational opportunity to nearly 500 children in a very impoverished area of Tanzania—one of the poorest countries in Africa.  Partnering with the church of Karansi, we have developed an English based Christian Primary School, which for the first time is bringing a quality education to the community. 


The amazing success of the students is yielding true transformation to a village that had been decimated by poverty and disease, where hundreds of orphans, widows and others have previously faced a future with very little hope.  All donations and sponsorships go directly in support of these children and widows.


PROJECT CHILD is primarily funded through a Child Sponsorship Program for children who are or will attend the Karansi Christian School or who have graduated, passed their National Exams and are now able to attend Secondary School.  Karansi Christian School has been totally built and operated through Project Child including annual training of Staff by teachers from Perimeter Christian School in Johns Creek Georgia.




Sponsorship: Your sponsorship of $43 each month provides your child with life-changing opportunities.  It provides the opportunity to receive basic health services, medicine, two meals per day and clothing – but most importantly an education and a chance to be encouraged, loved, valued and guided.  In short, you’ll be giving your child a future – and hope for a better tomorrow.  You will also be helping that child to be connected with a local church and community, where he/she has the opportunity to develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Education: As the children reach school age, they are offered the opportunity to attend Karansi Christian School which is already receiving regional notoriety for its quality English education.  To continue in the Project Child Program Tanzanian parents must support their child’s attendance at the Karansi Christian School and provide minimal fees.


Secondary School Fund:  When our children graduate from 7th grade they are required to take a  National Exam which will determine whether they can continue onto Secondary School. (High School)  We are seeking to provide this opportunity at quality Christian boarding schools to complete the investment that we have made in the children.  Our average cost per Secondary School Student is approaching $1,000 per year including full room and board.  (there are no quality Secondary Schools near Karansi)


Thus we have established a Secondary School Fund to help supplement sponsorship payments that do not fully cover these Secondary School expenses.  You are welcome to contribute to this Secondary School Fund at a rate of $43 per month – but one time investments are also greatly appreciated.


As a Sponsor or a Secondary School Fund contributor, you will play a vital role in a child’s life. All gifts are tax deductible .

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